A great deal of our busines is catastrophe exposed properties throughout the United States. These include California earthquake risks, coastal based Wind risks and Flood exposures. We typically structure layered programs on larger programs and utilize individual companies on smaller risks.
We control many risks which often require coverage being secured in the Surplus Lines Market. Vacant buildings, subsidized housing, red-label chemical manufacturing and storage, buildings in the course of construction, especially frame, are just a sampling of the classes that we often place.
Risks that have suffered large losses and are being non-renewed by their current carriers are preferred.
We also handle situations where the standard company will not offer coverage for a specific location or peril such as mono-line wind, flood or earthquake. We have expertise with wind and earthquake deductible buy backs throughout the country, and we also have markets that will write in the Caribbean on an All Risk basis including Wind and Earthquake.
We've secured Builder’s Risk, Contractors Equipment Floaters and Auto Physical Damage policies. We can facilitate larger mono-line property placements with standard carriers and can also offer packages we well.